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Update — March 14, 2022 App Observatory vs Solarwinds Pingdom

Why choose App Observatory over another uptime monitoring platform like Solarwinds Pingdom?

Solarwinds Pingdom is a well-established software-as-a-service that offers uptime monitoring and a lot more. While App Observatory is significantly smaller, it makes up for the difference with cost and ease-of-use.

App Observatory and Pingdom both offer the ability to monitor uptime for applications and send real-time alerts when an incident has been detected. Both platforms can send notifications via Slack but App Observatory also features direct integrations with Telegram and Discord.

In Pingdom, a single URL is considered a check which counts against your plan's alotted number of checks. With App Observatory, your entire app counts towards the allotment. In addition to checking if the domain is reachable, you can add any number of additional URLs under the same domain. These will check for HTTP response codes rather than simply whether or not it is reachable.

In addition to monitoring uptime, App Observatory stands out with its ability to monitor and notify when specified packages need to be updated in your application. At the time of writing, this is only for Laravel apps but there are plans to build this for other platforms in the future.

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